How it works.

First you need to decide if I'm the right photographer for you. I specialize in documenting and telling stories.  I've always felt that the most beautiful photos are those of genuine real life emotions. Which means very little direction, if any. No props, no backdrops, and no poses. Just you being you because you're awesome. 

Second step, I'll get to know a little about you and your family.  All Story Sessions are completely personalized to YOU Every session is completely different and unique to the individuals being photographed. I'll ask you some questions and maybe we will even get together for coffee. Then we will figure out when and where we will have our session. It will typically be at your home, a place that is meaningful to you, or an outing. For birth stories it will usually take place at the hospital or your home (wherever you are delivering.) 

So you may be wondering what I could possibly take pictures of you doing at your home? Well, Not everyone is baking cookies as an entire family in the middle of the afternoon and THAT'S OK, but whatever you and your family enjoy doing together, no matter what it is, will work just fine. Even its just going about your daily routine. You may be surprised that your simple and real-life moments will be captured in ways that you've never seen before.

On the big day, I arrive at our planned location and you and your family will basically pretend I'm not there. I may joke around a bit to provoke some smiles and play with your kiddies, but try not to look at the camera. It may feel strange at first, but you will get used to it in no time and may even forget I'm there. I'll document for a minimum of 1.5 hours, possibly more depending on your package. By the end of our session you will wonder why you have never done it this way before. 

What next? It usually takes me  about 2-3 weeks to edit all of your photos. Within a couple of days I will post a couple of must share sneak peeks on my Facebook page and Instagram. After I'm done editing, we will meet and I will show you your story and I get to see the look on your face when you see your images (my favorite part!) Then you get to choose the digital images and prints that you would like to purchase. Depending on your purchases you could have all your beautiful photos in a weeks time and then you have the task of deciding where you would like to hang them. 

What do you need to do? Not to stress! One of the main reasons to do this type of photo session is because there is absolutely no pressure. I mean, at all. You don't have to worry about your kids not sitting still for pictures. I encourage playing and running! This is a fun experience for everyone. If we are doing it at your home you don't need to obsessively clean every single surface of your home. Should you tidy up a bit? Yes, but by no means go crazy with it. Lots of people are always asking me what they should wear. I ALWAYS tell everyone to wear what you would normally feel good in. Coordinating colors are nice, but not a must. I do ask to please not all wear the same solid color.  

If you have any other questions I would be more then happy to answer them for you.

Birth and Newborn Stories

There is nothing like becoming a parent and seeing your baby for the first time. Being able to capture those beautiful first moments with your child is truly amazing. Not only will you be able to treasure your birth story in photos forever, but you will also be able to share them with your child(ren) when they are older.

I offer three different options. For images of your entire birth story, I will be on call 24/7 two weeks before your due date until the arrival. I will be present during delivery and up to two hours after the birth. 

If you are looking for photos right after the baby is born I can do that too! For images immediately after delivery I will be present for 2 hours and I can still capture those precious first moments. 

Fresh 48 is also a great option! I will come sometime within the first 48 hours after delivery at a time that is most convenient for you. I will be present for 90 minutes and you can arrange for anyone else you may want included in the photos to be there at our agreed upon time.

If you are interested please contact me for more details.

***You might be wondering if I also do story sessions of anything besides Families, Children, and Births. The answer is, Yes! If you are interested in individual, couples, engagements, senior, events, or anything else you may want please contact me. I would love to chat more with you about it.