Lindsay Caro Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lindsay Caro Photography [email protected] (Lindsay Caro Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:55:00 GMT Lindsay Caro Photography: Blog 120 80 Cambre's The Cambre's are such a cute family! Lilly and Mia both celebrated their birthday this month! Poor baby Mia wasn't feeling well, but she couldn't resist giving us a few very sweet authentic smiles and we still managed to have fun.










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The Times They Are A-Changing. When I first started my business I set out to be a Lifestyle Photographer. I think somehow along the way I got away from this a little due to the popular demand of posed images. On my journey the last 6 years as a photographer I realized that I wanted to take the lifestyle photography a step further. I often found myself falling in love with the images I would take when my clients were 100% not paying attention to me. When they were completely embraced in a moment.

I want the images I capture to tell a story. To show a glimpse of peoples real lives completely unscripted. Which is why I decided that documentary photography was the right direction for me. 

understand the need for posed pictures of everyone smiling and looking at the camera in perfectly coordinated outfits. Those pictures are really great for certain things, but it's also not reality. As a mother, I know that I want photos of my family being themselves. Photos of what our life together really looks like. I want to photograph THE REAL. My favorite images are of connections. The connections we all make whether it's with our children, significant other, relative, friend, and even ourselves. I think this is why I have always loved photographing children. They can forget so easily that theres a camera around and just be themselves. I have constantly used this approach when photographing children and now Im using it towards everything.

For the past few months I have embraced my decision and I have never been happier, more satisfied, and inspired by my new approach to documenting Story Sessions. Click here to see featured story sessions. I will also be blogging a couple of them soon so stay tuned!



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Jack Sweet Jack recently celebrated his first birthday. He made my job easy! You can see the love in this adorable little family.

Smash Cakes are always so fun and I just love these owls!

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Audrey and Chad Congratulations Audrey and Chad! They had such a fun wedding at the Mandeville Yacht Club. My favorite part of the day was their "first look". Check out how adorable and in love these two are!



I also want to thank Kelsey Ventura for assisting me on their special day!


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THE SCOTT'S I had the pleasure of photographing this awesome family a couple of weeks ago.  


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